Our Story


The story of Love Aglow Ministries Int’l begins with the story of God’s intervention in the life of the set man after his conversion on the 22nd of February 1980. As a young convert, he cherishes the company of children of God and wants to always see any area where he can bring a smile to their face. He had a group who met in his apartment then on the 1st Saturday of every month for few hours and all they do is to share the word of God (with their limited understanding then) and then offer drinks and snacks. A wonderful time of fellowship which bonded participants for many years and many in that group are still in a relationship till today.

Cross-section of church service

The vision of Love Aglow started about 2 years before the actual birth when the Lord began to speak to his heart of the need to pioneer a new work for Him. He vehemently opposed this even to the extent he fought it from the pulpit. “Why will someone leave an established denomination to start an independent work when especially you are given a freehand to operate within the guidelines of that denomination” he will always ask, though from no one in particular.

By February 1998, it became very clear that he could no longer resist the instruction because further disobedience would become disastrous to his destiny. He contacted the leadership of his denomination and he gave two months’ notice of disengagement expiring at the end of April.

Bishop Sola Ore and other members of the team

He was graciously prayed for and released by his General Overseer in his office on Monday 30th March 1998.
The one month space between the time of his release and the send forth organized for me on Sun 29th April was administratively expedient so that I can go on leave.

We kicked off with a Thanksgiving on the first Sunday of May, the 3rd with Karis Band ministering and the official inauguration began with a 3-day program from Fri 8th – Sun 10th May 1998

We started in our present location as tenants after the Lord had graciously used people to pay the first two years’ rent for us.
A few years after that, the Lord began to make way for us to have our permanent facility when the Landlord gave us the first option as a sitting tenant to make an offer for purchase and in the year 2008, this property, where it was fully paid for without borrowing any amount from anyone.