Our Ministries

Protocol &  Ushering

It is a ministry that express God’s love to people in the way we receive them into our church service and to make them feel welcomed to our midst and create an atmosphere for a genuine encounter with Christ. The department also support our pastors and visiting ministers with the necessary care as the need arises.

Worship Ministry

This ministry are there to lead us to the presence of God through spirit-filled songs that is not just entertaining but ministering. Their rehearsals comes up every Saturday at 7pm. An audition is required to serve in this ministry.

Word, Sound & Light

Responsible for creating a worship atmosphere to enhance our worship experience by managing and operating our audio equipment, projecting of lights, provide effective means of spreading our audio and video messages audio through the print media and internet.

Volunteers with technical skills and those who are willing to learn are welcome.

Sanctuary Beautification Ministry

This department is responsible to create a welcoming ambience by creating enhancement to the beauty of our worship center on a daily basis adding glamour to the church.

Christian Education Ministry

This is the education arm of the ministry and it is responsible for

– New believers class to integrate them into membership

– Disciples class for those who recently gave their lives

– Treasure Club where we encourage all members including ministers and workers to study consistently and systematically bible passages together and we then come on Sunday for interactive discussions.

Agape Sisters (Women Fellowship)
The Royal Diadem ( Children church)