God is Still at Work

God Is Still At Work
Dan.3: 3-26; Ps.42: 5; Isa.40: 28; Rms.8: 28.

Sometimes in our lives, it seems as if God had gone to sleep over our issues. Most of the time, we swallow the devil’s lie that God has taken His hands off our matter. The things that we see around us also give us the picture of a God who abandons His own in a time of trouble.

However, the truth is that God is still working our something beautiful, out of that messy situation. God is still bringing light into that dark tunnel of your life. Everybody might have forgotten and abandoned you but God is still at work in your life.

The God you serve is always there for you; that is the reason He asked you to cast all your burdens on Him because He is constantly thinking of you. No day passes without God lowering down for you basketful of blessings. “He satisfies your mouth with good things”. Ps.103: 5.

He is still working to restore your honor, job, health and any other things the devil must have overtly or covertly stolen. His promises of spiritual and material blessings are still valid today just as it was when He pronounced it. (Eph.1: 3; 3 Jn.2). All you need to do is:

Put Your Anchor In His Word
He honors every word that comes out of his lips because He can never lie. Hold every promise to you as authentic as God who spoke to them. He will never fail. Num.23: 19. If he says by His stripes, you are healed, just believe that statement. If He told you that there will not be any barren in the land, didn’t let that word depart from your eyes. God’s word is His bond. He honors His word according to His name. The problem, however, is holding on to something or someone you do not know. There is a solution in the word for every problem that life may present to us. When we are rooted in the word, then the world will not be able to shake us. I want to say to us this morning that our sure bet for He Challenges is the unchangingly powerful word of God. How do I enjoy the maximum benefit from the word? Read it systematically, consistently and meditatively. The word produces little or no result when reading haphazardly.

Persevere In Faith
To persevere is to keep on believing in what you believe. It is the determination to wait for no matter the time for the fulfillment of that which has been promised. Abraham would have missed it if not because of his perseverance in faith. He believed God and was ready to wait for the fulfillment of those promises. It is for an appointment time. Hab.2: 3. When everything around him said no, he stood strong in faith.

Press On In Prayer Until You Get The Result.
The story of the widow and the judge in Luke 18 will encourage you to PUSH (Pray Until Something Happens). Even though the judge did not fear God nor regard man, the woman will not let him go until she got justice. Prayer is telling God and/or reminding Him of His promises concerning your life. Heaven responds to the prayer of God’s child and God will not do anything but in answer to prayer. Whatever you bound on earth…

Praise Him Until You Get What You Are Praising Him For
A great weapon in your hands as you wait for your answer is to praise Him all the time. 1 Thess.5; 16, 18. Praise will keep the door to your blessing open and protect your mind from being filled with doubt; the enemy of faith. Praise God even when things are not working according to your own timetable. Paul & Silas praised God when it was the most stupid thing to do. Acts 16: 25.

God knows what He is doing all the time. God cares for you and is still at work in your life.