Others May Press But I will touch

Others May Press But I will touch
Mk.5: 21-34

In the situation of life, among the crowd, only a few are selected for a favour. Many write tests for employment out of which a certain number will be selected for an interview and among which they will choose the few that are needed. There is something about crowd. Gideon’s army was a crowd of 32000 and he pruned them to 22000 and further down to 300 by the instruction of the Lord. God does not bless the crowd or use the crowd but always for someone to use and bless. That someone is you today. Your blessing will not pass you by in the name of Jesus.

Read the scripture.

Jesus was passing by
A man in need met Him, a ruler of the Synagogue
The crowd gathered. Curious about what is about to happen. They are not really interested in a personal encounter with the Lord. They are the crowd.
There was a certain woman in the crowd that day
She was not supposed to be in the crowd because of her condition. She was unclean. Her terrible condition will be appreciated if we read Lev.15: 25-32
Her condition has separated her from family and friends. She must be a lonely woman. Life had been so unfair to her.
She was in the crowd that day like someone else but for a different reason. There are many of us are tired of what the crowd will receive; we desire what the Lord is ready to do for us as individuals.
She has looked for a solution everywhere. It looks as if her search will be over
She heard about Jesus. She knew this was the end of her search
She came from behind. There were other people who will be closer to Jesus but they never touched Him. You can be close to the Synagogue leadership and never receive anything special from God.
She made up her mind to touch. In this meeting, if you decide to be blessed, no one will be able to touch you. The woman said to herself, it’s a contact.

Get ready today because Jesus wants to touch someone. A certain man, woman, boy or girl…